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2018 Academic Fellows

  • Phaiboun "Leo" Panyasavath

    Phaiboun has been working with Asian Law Students’ Association in Laos (ALSA Laos) since 2015 which focused on building capacity for law students in the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, National University of Laos. There are two projects that are going on now which include Legal Training and Workshop and Moot-Court Competition and Alumni Sharing which is being implemented in April, June and July respectively. In the near future, his students’ association are seeking potential to expand branches of Asian Law Students’ Association in Laos by establishing Local Chapters in law schools in provinces. The purposes of establishing local chapters in provinces are to provide academic activities for law students and those who interested in legal professions through experiencing various legal activities.

  • Adytia "Aby" Anugrah

    Adytia Anugrah currently runs a project called “Kahanjak Manjawet”, in Pulang Pisau, Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.  Kahanjang means happiness, and Manjawet means waving. This social entrepreneurship project focuses on giving training to rattan farmers so that they may obtain more skills in developing and creating new products made from rattan. This project also focuses on finding a market, so rattan farmers can better sell their products. Kahanjang Manjawet is in collaboration with its local Government and a travel agency company. This collaboration creates more opportunity and exposure for local people, especially for rattan farmers. With that we can create a better change in this community and have much more success with all the support.



  • Andy Soe Myint

    As a young participant of YSEALI 2018 under Civic Engagement, Andy had the honor of presenting his project proposal, Shew Youth (Golden Youth) to be implemented back in his home country, Myanmar, after the program. As young leaders take on initiatives of conducting projects based on health, education, advocacy, environmental and other forms of civic engagement, Andy emphasizes the empowerment of younger generations in communities. Young people represent 38% of the population in Myanmar, according to the 2014 National Census Report. As it is importance to highlight this report, Andy takes in consideration that young people living both in rural and urban areas need to have the capacity for development and training through activities that could bring their hidden talents to their communities.


  • Au "Jak" Jakkarin Burananit

    Jakkarin Burananit is a math teacher in Thailand who participates in teaching for Thailand Saturday School. He acknowledges that around 50% of all students in Thailand are not proficient in reading, science, and mathematics. Jakkarin notes that students study a lot in academic knowledge, but lack many other necessary skills and, often, learning motivation. Students who come from low-income families in particular face a clear barrier to learning. To combat the Saturday School, he now looks for talent volunteers and helps to connect students in order to give opportunity to learn about extra-curricular activity in school or  in the community area on Saturday school morning for 10 weeks. Students will develop soft-skills, mindset, and increasing their learning motivation on weekday through their passionate activities. He helps  train on volunteers how to embed different skills and mindset development into their lesson. His overall mission is to continue to expand this program and create better education for youth in Thailand.


  • Datu Esma "Mikee" Maruhom

    Mikee Maruhom leads "Rido" Prevention through youth mobilization and involvement. Rido, as a vicious cycle of violence among clans and families, remains one of the huge factors that slows down development within Muslim Mindanao in the Philippines. It explores a variety of dispute resolution mechanisms, both in the legal framework and the traditional approach. However, the youth remains an untapped sector in the resolution and prevention mechanisms. This project, as conceptualized, aims to create an avenue for the youth sector to become active changemakers in preventing and reducing participation in the cycle of violence. It will provide the avenue where cultural stereotypes and biases can be addressed and answered, eventually creating a grassroots created-solution to prevent the rise of inter-clan violence.


  • Halimah "Hallie" Radin Mas Basiuni

    Halimah Radin Mas Basiuni started The Brunei Young Global Thinkers Network (BYG Thinkers), a startup network and platform that seeks to lead global conversations among the youth in Brunei. The organization spearheads efforts to develop young people’s global competence as “Generasi Berwawasan” - a visionary generation. In the long run, BYG Thinkers will leverage on its network and offer youths training courses in enterprising and employability as an effort to diversify Brunei Darussalam's economy.

  • Irvandias "Dias" Sanjaya

    Irvandias Sanjaya is a social entrepreneur, and social worker for disability and youth development issues. He will be graduating with his Bachelor of Psychology from Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia. Irvandias is concerned with the high poverty rates of the disabled. Because of this concern, Irvanias founded Design for Dream, a Crowd-Helping (Crowdfunding & Marketplace) platform for disabled people that aims to advocate, support, and aid disabled persons’ aspirations of becoming entrepreneurs and professionals. Design for Dream targets urban working people aged (20 - 40 years old) who have an interest in Pro-bono activities, focusing on disability issues.

  • Jay Mark Balmes

    Jay Mark Bamles runs a project called Empleo. Empleo is a big-data social recruitment platform that aggregates jobs across online job portals and across offline listings from recruitment agencies. Empleo harnesses data gathered to provide insightful information regarding jobs that are in demand and opportunities to improve future employability. Empleo is partnered with various training centers (for manpower), recruitment agencies, and local small businesses in the Philippines with expansion plans in Malaysia in late 2018. Empleo, started in 2015, and is currently making a huge impact in the Philippine grey-collar market to date.

  • Lara "Jean" Salaysay

    Lara Jean L. Salaysay is 23 years old and a junior high school social studies teacher from the Philippines. Her life goal is to live in a low negative impact, carbon-neutral, zero-waste, sustainable community. With this goal, she started to change her personal lifestyle to fit to her principles. She realized that the most effective way to make a positive impact in the world is through educating the younger generation. Her project involves integrating civic engagement into the teaching of social studies. The project’s objective is mentoring young teachers in private high schools, with less than five years of teaching, to be civic leaders by sharing the practices of civic engagement. This includes encouraging collaboration, helping them hone their own civic skills, knowledge, attitude, and disposition.


  • Linh "Lily" Tran

    Linh grew up in Central Highland of Vietnam, where it is covered by 43.5 % of forest. However, 1000 acres of forest has been destroyed every year. Since witnessing that Linh has always wanted to contribute to keep this green place. With a passion for working with children and improving the original education for primary school. Linh is building a project teaching about science and forest awareness for pupils in primary school called "Green Forest". It's just the first step in the greener future that she will spend her youth to keep going on. Moving forward she has reached to different contacts in an effort to fully create this program and hopes to have it running by the end of the year.


  • Maria Sutanto

    Maria Sutanto runs a project called Avasya Water, which endeavors to provide a complete, integrated, and safe drinking water system for underdeveloped and remote areas in Indonesia. The system consists of water pooling, facilities construction, water treatment, water distribution, and public health education related to drinking water quality. Avasya supports the water treatment process by purifying the water until it is of drinkable degree. To build and sustain this system, Avasya Waters collaborates with local stakeholders, such as local governments, financial institutions, local communities and NGOs. The project aims to improve the quality of life of the local in such an underserved area by providing the most basic need, a source of integrated safe drinking water.


  • Minh "Henry" Hau Nguyen

    Minh Hau Nguyen is starting the project ''Dreaming Library'' to focus on building a special library for poor or disabled children (from the age of 6 to 15) in rural and mountainous areas in Vietnam. It will accommodate them with books, courses (English, PE, arts, etc.), and development skills. After joining the Dreaming Library, children will have potential, ideal conditions to develop themselves. This project is also crucial in raising public awareness for citizens about the importance of education. His project is still in the beginning stagings but hopes within the next year the Dream Library will become a reality to the citizens of Vietnam.

  • Muhaimin "Ben" Mohamed

    Muhaimin Mohamed is an undergraduate law student back in Malaysia. He always had a vision to educate people about their rights and how to exercise them as a citizen governed under the constitution. His mission is to spread awareness to people about how having legal knowledge will lead to healthy practice of a democratic country. It is very important to know that that the rights under the constitution does not exists by itself because it portrays the strength of a democratic country. The issues in Malaysia is the lack of legal knowledge which creates a standstill environment. No one truly uses or practices their rights protected by the constitution. In some cases this stems from fear, others ignorance, and also the abuse of power that has occurred. Thus, the project that Muhaimin plans to execute is educating the people around his area about legal knowledge, at least for basic knowledge. He will also collaborate with faculty to   make an event with exhibition, talks from various people with specialty of their background, and conducting a competition for kids or young adults to compete in giving public speaking about legal topics to begin with.

  • Nelson Jia Jun Ng

    Nelson leads ProjectEd, previously known as Knowledge Is Free Foundation. ProjectEd is a non-profit organization which aims to tackle education inequality in Malaysia by providing scholarships and mentorships for high school students to pursue their tertiary- education dream. Initiated by two undergraduate students, ProjectEd believes that everyone’s effort is collectively powerful to make a sustainable impact to the community. ProjectEd provides scholarships which covers the tuition fees of the undergraduate study for Malaysian high school students from underprivileged background. Being a scholarship provider, ProjectEd seeks the funding from a group of scholarship recipients who are willing to give back to the community, public, and cooperates. ProjectEd also undergoes a series of workshops which are sponsored by cooperates as part of the CSR for high school students in Malaysia. It also provides year-long personalized mentorships for high school students to connect with university students who share the similar course interest. This online mentoring allows high school students to understand better about the courses available, future career prospects, ways to secure scholarships, etc.


  • Ngoc "Mino" Bui

    Ngoc Bui is the founder of Green Lady Viet Nam which is a social enterprise about the environment and women's’ empowerment. By promoting a green lifestyle we believe that each individual should have their own sense of responsibility to protect the environment. At Green Lady, we provide both eco-friendly products and green living experience sharing via workshops and social media to encourage everyone to make a great change to their lifestyle. We are passionate about bringing back the connection between human and nature during daily life. To encourage this style of living Green Lady has created eco friendly women’s products that can be reused. Through our projects and platform we also teach women empowerment and talk about women’s health openly. In Vietnam it is not custom to do so, but we feel it is time and crucial for all women to know and be educated about their bodies. In the future, Green Lady will become a women’s venture in which we work together to make our world a better place.


  • Phuong "Sophie" Nguyen

    The project Phuong has created is Youth Development Organization in Central Part of Vietnam. Students in small provinces of Vietnam do not have enough chances to engage in social activities as students in big cities. Therefore, they also have less soft-skills, opportunities, and more stress because of studying in school. Our mission is to raise awareness for students and parents about the importance of learning skills, experiences besides academic knowledge, and to create an environment for students to learn those skills while gaining experiences through social activities. It is also important that this project addresses stress management and core life skills to create better lives for these students who work hard. The vision has continued, through a non-profit organization for youth that helps us organize activities, skills, workshops, etc. We also raise funds from the community, promote volunteering, offer training for volunteers, and collect ideas through feedback programs from the youth working in our organization.


  • Phyna "P" Rith

    Phyna’s project is focussed on youth development of public policy in Cambodia.The purpose of the project is to find ways to include youth dimension into policy, regulatory drafting, implementation processes, and to promote youth participation. The goal of this project is to educate and allow them to be the changemakers in society. The project also aims to narrow the gap between Cambodian youth, who are the country’s leaders of the next generation, and public policy to ultimately achieve sustainable economic development for the future.


  • Sodane "Dane" Hem

    In Cambodia deforestation is a big issue, but people barely dare to do anything against it. There used to be numbers of communities that logged for a living. However, recently they've changed their mindset and developed their communities into eco tourism sites, commonly known as Community-Based Ecotourism sites(CBETs). So they gather all the families in the community, join the money to buy land and protect the rainforest in those areas they bought to attract tourists. The issue is that not many people know what these communities are or the fact they even exist. After visiting Sodane saw how crucial these communities are and that they could have the potential to improve the standard of living in Cambodia Her hope is to see more CBETs multiply and developed at an efficient level. Therefore,her mission is to run a long-term project to provide training in marketing, business skill sets, organic farming, and create better outreach overall. She hopes by expanding this knowledge to other communities in the area more CBETs will be developed ultimately protecting more of the rainforest.


  • Souphanith "Lou" Vongsengthong

    Souphanith is currently running a Coworking Space, called SIT-IN. This space aims to create a co-learning community among students that encourages academic,professional growth, success, networking, idea sharing, and talent development while serving as a resource to the community. Significantly, we want our people working in a shared environment for the purposes of collaboration, innovation, and productivity for themselves. We also conduct workshops each month based on the most needed skill among students this includes public speaking skill, critical thinking, how to become a scholar of any scholarship, etc. To achieve this we invite volunteers who have experience in those fields to be our guest speakers for the workshop or help run daily operations. The key factor the Souphanith wanted when creating this space is that it is a free of charge so more people can be exposed to all the amazing things it offers. As of today, Souphanith continues to oversee and run the SIT-IN with hopes to expand this in other areas to provide better education for everyone.


  • Tanatcha "Palm" Supsin-Amnuay

    Tanatcha would like to improve the standard of living in the rural area where development is scarce. To start she will create an economic development index for rural Thai villages. The index focuses on 3 main areas; village, school, and natural resources. The data will be collected by collaborating with the government, especially the Ministry of Education, to compare the data that they have. This is because most of their data is out of date and it is not in one place. She also will do a survey at each village to gather other additional information that cannot be collected from the government. As the data will be updated annually, we can track the development of each rural village in Thailand. This data will be useful for both the public and private sectors, for  implementing future projects in the rural area. Her goal with is data is to see which village really needs development and help make that development a priority.


  • Tanyalak "Tanya" Thongyoojaroen

    Tanyalak is currently working to end violence against women and girls, focusing on the normalization of sexual assault scenes in Thai soap operas or television dramas. She organizes workshops for media and journalists to advocate women's’ rights and to discuss their roles in media coverage. By publishing an article on the United Nations Women page, Tanya has been able to create more exposure and continue her mission.

  • Veronica Low

    Veronica is working on a project that includes international collaboration and cultural intelligence. The mission of her social enterprise is to empower unprivileged youths through cultural intelligence and job training. By targeting ages eighteen to twenty-four years old, Veronica hopes to prepare those with less fortunate circumstances to be industry-ready. Her vision also entails working with ASEAN countries by improving trade relations between the nations.

  • Vuthy "Jolly" Pisey

    Vuthy Pisey is committed to implementing her Career Training and Youth Employment Project in Cambodia. Her vision is to help the youth find a satisfying and suitable career in terms of capability, economics, and personality. The mission is to guide and connect capable young adults aged from 18 to 24 years old to the right employer and career. In more depth we want to identify the needs between employees and employer in job market, to enhance youth capability, leverage career information to potential youth especially in rural areas, to match youth with suitable career and workplace which suits their professional and personal growth. To achieve the mission, the project is committed to providing major services and platform to youths as follows; career consultation and guidance, hard and soft skills training, workshop and information sharing about career on social media, campaign, universities, etc.


  • Yamin Wai Phyo

    Taking note of the lack of women in the workforce of Burma, Yamin pictured a factory for producing local fabrics by hiring women. Because building a factory is particularly risky for a start up entrepreneur, Yamin first researched the local market by selling fabrics during an assessment period to analyze whether the demand for such products existed. She was eventually able to build a network that could help her distribute her products. Today Yamin is confident that she can expand her project year by year to meet her mission of contributing to local women on the workforce in Myanmar with a plan to employ at least five women by the end of the year.


  • Ye "Oliver" Yie

    Ye Yie helps lead the Myanmar Artisan Toolkit, a resource for Myanmar artisans and those who want to support them.  It is a practical guide to building a business, designed for makers and adapted specifically for the Myanmar craft sector. In the near future, he plans to expand this project by expanding workshops, business platforms, and other skill sets to help the artisans of Myanmar.